Saturday, January 10, 2009

I want to be MADE

So, I'm back at school and so so busy preparing for recruitment, especially with practicing our skit which is very very loosely based on the wizard of oz and in which I am playing Dorothy. Fun stuff.

Today, we had to wake up before 7am (GAH) so we could practice and then get ready for our house to be filmed for an episode of MTV's made. WEIRD! Basically, this girl from a nearby high school wants to be made into a girly girl and is coming here for us to help her... lol. A select few are having brunch with her (not me) and then we have a surprise girl scout philanthropy event planned for early this afternoon (which I'm helping with... I think). They gave me this Dove "be yourself, be beautiful, be a _______" shirt to wear... cute. The blank is the name of my house but I'm pretty sure I can't share that until after the episode airs.... but I'll keep you posted... who knows, maybe I'll be in it? Doubtful, but that would be kind of cool.

Anyway, in case the cameras do catch me, this is what I decided to wear with my tee:

{Marc Jacobs cardigan, second hand skirt, second hand belt, sorority t-shirt,
white tights - ?, hand crocheted flowers pinned to ribbon as headband}

{black target flats}

Yes, that is a different red cardigan than the one I wore all of winter break. This one I got at a buffalo exchange in San Fransisco and it's one of my most prized thrifting/second hand finds... Marc Jacobs for only $35! Also, that belt is one of the few things I haven't yet shown you from the same thrifting expedition the blue skirt is from.

Oh, and btw, my internet here stinks, so I may not be able to do any picknik editing with my photos :( We'll see...

Finally, in response to a comment by The Clothes Horse saying people don't wear hats enough anymore... well, just thought I'd show off the make shift hat rack which I have on my wall. ;) Yay for command strips. And no, these are not all of my hats... only most of the ones that are the type that can hang up. hahaha.

Don't know when I'll be able to post again because of recrutiment, maybe not until a week or week and a half for now, but I will surely try and photograph all of my recruitment week outfits.



  1. omg you are adorable! I love the mj sweater and your skirt!

  2. Woah, MADE is coming to your house!? That's totally awsome.