Friday, January 23, 2009

Rabbits never die

That's what I learned in math class today. Sort of. haha. But seriously my teacher put a math problem about rabbits on the board (and yes I am a sophomore at Cornell University) and then added that clause. oh dear.

Anyway, I know I'm behind on posting but I have been taking outfit pictures, seriously! Which means you get to hear less of my ramblings (because it's harder for me to remember what happened three days ago now than if I had posted three days ago) and see more pictures. Isn't that exciting? I think it probably is.

So, starting with Wednesday... it was another long underwear sort of day... and this outfit is pretty close to an exact repeat of something you've seen before, but oh well. I did think it might be fun to also show you what I actually look like when I leave the house. Hat, scarf and gloves/mittens vary, but lately this has been the go-to combo.

{vintage red cardigan and vest, h&m turtleneck, level 99 pinstripe jeans, merrell boots, add jacket with detachable vest, holiday market (I think) glittens, black cashmere scarf from TJ Max, hat knit by me}

Sometimes I forget how absurdly large and puffy that jacket is... although you can't tell from my cranky facial expression, I still like it, and it certainly keeps me warm. My advisor actually commented on it after a meeting I had with her yesterday: "Is that a jacket and a vest? You must be cozy." haha. I love my advisor- she is the head of our theater department and really fantastic, ie letting my 200 level Shakespeare class fulfill a requirement normally requiring a 300 level class.

Anyway, Thursday was a little warmer... I only wore one pair of tights (though wool, and with socks over them) and wasn't too cold! Miracles.

{H&M sweater and shirt dress, target socks, hunter boots,
holiday market recycled sari silk hat and scarf, tights -?}

And today, actually, was a heck of a lot warmer. I was sort of unhappy to be so bundled up and warm in my jacket. However, despite that and the fact that I have come down with a rather miserable cold it was ultimately a good day. Perhaps because it was Friday and after classes I was actually required to go shop for arts and crafts type supplies- for set model building for my fundamentals of (theater) design class and for my stage makeup class. Good stuff.

{vintage red cardigan, target dress worn as shirt, flea market scarf,
urban renewal belt, j.crew jeans, hunter boots}

Today's outfit was inspired a bit by The Clothes Horse. I have really been trying to catch up on my fashion blog reading but you guys fast poster than I can read- for serious. Though maybe it's my fault for following so many blogs. But anyway, I was inspired by her little fashion "remix" idea to wear this dress as a shirt. I think it worked rather well. And I appreciate her new post feature because I am the queen of wearing the same thing over and over again, though I don't often do it quite so creatively as she. But, I mean, it's the sign of a good piece, right?

Anyway, I have so much I could ramble on about, but I'll just leave you on the note of another good piece. I'm glad someone (urban) is making knockoff's of the Chanel tights and yes, I really want them:


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  1. I can't even imagine how frigid it must be at Cornell! Do you really manage to put on more than on pair of tights at a time? I LOVE the jacket-vest combo, though, I must add.