Sunday, January 4, 2009

At least I galloped - when did you?

Today was a long day... I didn't have to wake up quite so early because I almost forgot, and thankfully then remembered, that the box offices don't open until noon on Sundays, but was still out of the house by 10:30am. We got to times square a little after 11 and waited on line for about an hour to get our student rush tickets for Equus, which were all the way stage right, second row orchestra (though we did end up moving a few rows back and further center). I made another poor shoe choice and my feet almost froze off while we waited, but we went to the bank, Starbucks, and then Europa Café (one of our usual time square eateries) for lunch, which helped me warm up. We still had a lot of time to kill before the 3pm matinee, so after checking out the new TKTS, which Mike hadn't seen yet, we wandered around Virgin and Toys R Us for a while and then got a huge slice of carrot cake cheesecake to share (which we still did not finish!) from Juniors. Then we went off to the theater to see the show, and oh was it fantastic! Both Daniel Radcliff and Richard Griffiths gave absolutely stunning performances. The show was eerie, chilling, and just truly remarkable. It had me glued to and gripping to my seat. (And yes, yes... I did see Harry's magic wand :P boo puns boo)

After the show we did go to the stage door, but, not surprisingly, it was an absolute mad house of Harry fans. We got pushed to the other side of the street by angry cops who basically tied us in between two lamp posts with caution tape. Daniel signed the playbills of the people in the very front of the two main barricades (probably not more than 15-20 in the crazy mob of hundreds, though to his credit I think he may have been a bit sick, and understandably wanting to get home... though that certainly did not hinder his stunning performance) and popped right into his snazzy escalade with his body guard. haha. oh well. Mike really wants to go back Wednesday afternoon and try to wait for him after the matinee (ie: show up before the show lets out to be right in front) to get his autograph, and I suppose I'll go with him if he does, but I'm not generally keen on being such a crazy fan girl... (Though I would really like autographs of the whole cast, I generally try and do that for shows I see, especially with original casts or especially noteworthy productions). Then again, I am absolutely dying to meet Mary Louise-Parker after Hedda Gabler on Wednesday night, but that's really different, right? ;P

{H&M shirt dress, vintage vest, j.crew tights, target flats}

And oh, hi... meet my glasses. I have two pairs. But they are only for reading since I'm really an old lady apparently. I also beat my dad (pretty badly too!) at scrabble tonight which is an accomplishment I am quite proud of.

My break is quickly drawing to a close and I am oh so sad to see it go... I wish I had more time in my beloved city, but what can you do? I really shouldn't complain about Switzerland, or having to go back to school early (classes don't start until the 19th), even if I want to, because they are both things that were/should be at least somewhat fun... but I would just rather be here a wee bit longer...


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  1. I;m sad about break going away too :(

    Chic outfit.