Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oh snow, why did I ever wish for you?

So, yesterday it had stopped snowing by the time I left for class, and I had a delightfully hazardous slushy mess to walk through. Then later it started snowing again, HARD, and I almost got blown away (the large hood on my winter coat helps to catch the breeze at times...) on my way down to see some of my friends in this. It was worth it though, they did a great job, and as with every Schwartz opening we went to the reception at Aladdin's afterwords which is always good stuff -- I love me some toasted ravioli. (And of course I stayed too late and then had to stay up doing my homework and didn't get enough sleep, yadda yadda, but oh well, it happens)

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I did take some gorge pictures on my way home (from class, not from the show... and yes I do generally cross more than one bridge on my way home from class), but they are quite hard to capture on film. And they are also surprisingly much less frozen in these photos than they have been for the past few days... it's getting a bit warmer I guess.

Today thus far has been pleasantly unexciting. I had class, lunch, watched last night's episode of lost (what an amazing addicting show) and then took a deliciously long nap instead of going to office hours for math.

{target dress and button down, white long sleeve tee - ? - worn underneath dress, secondhand belt,
reconstructed skirt worn as petticoat, hunter boots and liners, and of course, 2 pairs of tights}

The nap was actually quite productive as I figured out the problem I wanted to ask about while I was falling asleep. Seriously, I swear. A much more productive use of time if I do say so myself ;)


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  1. Oh, snow. I wish it would stay for more than half a day here. But i hate when it goes slushy...Your "two pairs of tights" made me giggle because the most i've worn so far this winter was two pairs of tights and two pairs of socks. Many a morning i peer out of the window and wonder weather to half-empty my hosiery drawer or not...I love your dress with the petticoat and the cardigan: the whole outfit basically.
    I'll end this novel (:)) by saying: you are very pretty.