Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hi, I'm warm, who are you? -- Or looking cute in letters part one.

So I actually took outfit photos yesterday. But I decided not to post them because they just weren't exciting enough. In fact, all weekend my outfits were quite blah... I hardly even put on real clothes during the day Saturday and Sunday but I blame it on being sick... including the horrendous ear infection I got from fluid build-up in my ears from my cold (seriously). Sorry, perhaps that was a little TMI, but it is getting better now that I am on antibiotics, and I think my cold is getting a bit better too. I did go out a lot this weekend (probably made me sicker... whoops) and then last night I cheered my friends on at our basketball intramural (which we lost, but was still fun). They asked me if I wanted to play next week and I laughed, but if I have time I will definitely go watch again. However, school work is settling in and within a day or two I'm going to have to crack the whip on myself so I don't fall behind... well that's just sort of how it works around here. That and it being continually freezing. Two pairs of tights were in order again today, though I was really quite toasty in them which was nice. Tomorrow I want to snap some photos of our frozen over gorges and waterfalls for you. They are really interesting, unique and beautiful... and a true indicator of how freakin cold it is. haha. It is also supposed to snow again tomorrow which I think I'm happy about because I'd rather walk on squishy snow than extremely hazardous ice (though perhaps it's my fault for using short-cut paths marked "no winter matinence? haha).

Anyway, another real reason for my not posting yesterday's outfit photos was the reading of this post. While my blog is pretty young for my to already be having an existential crisis, the post really did make me think about why I started this blog.
1. to have a creative outlet
2. to have more fun with my wardrobe and
be more motivated to try new things
3. to meet people and be inspired by other
stylish bloggers

Yesterday's outfit was just fine, and I was wearing one of my favorite shirts, but creative, unique, interesting - nope. So anyway, it inspired me to try a little harder today

Oh and I'm not going to bothering hiding my letters anymore.
That's just silly and I'm sure they don't even mean anything to most of you.

{sorority rugby, target dress and tights, vintage boots, leg warmers from Italy 4 years ago,
earmuffs formerly my grandmother's, fingerless gloves a gift from my mom}

I've also been trying to experiment with cute/non-boring ways to wear my letters, especially when we have group lunches and such (where I spent a good deal of time during my 11:30am to 2pm break today rather than doing work) because it's nice when everyone is wearing house apparel but I don't like being dressed the same as 5-10-20 other people (in this rugby and jeans for example).

Sorry for such a wordy post. I wanted to post some inspiration photos but my interenet is being a poop as usual so I'll have to save that for another time.

Goodnight and Regards,

p.s. Well I do have one more image for you that probably is only amsuing to me, but when I discovered one of my fish floating right below the "I'm hungry" thought bubble, I had to laugh. Yes, writing witty *cough* comments on your fishbowl with dry erase marker is cool... don't you think? ;) haha

and yes I do know the water level is rather low... I'm going to fix that soon, really, I swear!

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