Thursday, January 1, 2009

With a certain amount of resolve

Boy am I pooped... safe to say I did not get a lot of sleep last night, but the party was very fun and I am pretty much cleaned up now with the exception of my still needing to vacuum. Anyway, I did use quite a bit of resolve on some carpet spills last night and am going to take a little bit longer to revel in the punnyness it makes with the New Year and the resolutions that so oft go with it.

The one truly sad thing of last night however, was that the former firework viewing spot that was my building's roof now has it's view entirely blocked by another, even taller building going up just a block or two away. So no fireworks for me last night... and never again from my roof for that matter -- très triste :(

{New Years '06 and Fourth of July '06}

So today, after I woke up (unintentionally early - boo!), cleaned, and rested/recouped a bit, I went over to my friend Laura's house for a nice New Years open house. Her mom made excellent vegetarian chili and there were many deserts, including my mom's famous snickerdoodles (which firefox would like to correct to be knickerbockers or nickelodeons, haha). When I got home, I had leftover risotto, which my mom made last night for New Year's dinner, for dinner again tonight. It was incredibly delicious!

{gap fair isle sweater, beaded skirt from a shop called coup de cour,
grey wool tights - ?, found maroon socks, vintage boots}

I really would have liked to wear black tights with this, but mine were all dirty, seeing as I wore the same skirt and boots with black tights the other day and black tights with my New Year's outfit as well. And yes, these are the "new" ($25, including shipping, from ebay) boots I wanted to show off... didn't take me long to work them into an outfit again. I love them so much, and they are comfy too! :)

The skirt is an old one of mine which I recently shortened by taking off about one tier at the top and sewing in a new elastic waistband. The craftsmanship is a bit shoddy (large, much lighter pink hand stitches as my machine refused to sew the super stretchy fabric) but I'm still very happy with the result.

The outfit as a whole might have looked better with the t-shirt I had on underneath the sweater, but it was cold and I still really wanted something with a somewhat stripey vibe.

Anyway... as I was speaking about "resolve" before... Mary wrote a really inspiring post of New Years resolutions and I decided to take up a few of my own. (Does anyone ever keep these things? Maybe not... but I'm trying to set at least a few realistic goals this time!)
  1. Eat less--only when I'm hungry and stop when I'm full
  2. Try out vegetarianism, or pesco-vegetarianism, for at least 2 weeks. I currently don't eat red meat but I'm curious to see how it would be to cut out poultry as well. (There are so many turkey substitutes--meatballs, burgers--that I love so it might be difficult)
  3. Get exercise- starting with a measly and easy 10 push-ups a day!
  4. Keep up with this blog! I'm really enjoying keeping this blog so far and I so want to keep up with it.
  5. Set aside a little time for myself each day rather than continually procrastinating (especially on facebook and ebay) while I'm doing schoolwork.
  6. More generally: procrastinate less... though I say this one every year and it never does work... so that I will have time for my other resolutions!
  7. Read more for pleasure!
  8. Finish knitting this. I started working on it in winter of '06-'07 and while progress has been very intermittent I would love to see it done by the end of 2009.
  9. Keep in touch- with my parents, my grandparents, other family and especially old friends.
  10. Be true to myself! There is no need to delve into a big explanation, and while I do think I am slowly becoming better at this, I want to continue working on being honest with myself, which will also help me in being more honest with others.
Maybe a little silly, but I have always been a list maker and I am really determined to make 2009, the last of my teen years and the last of the era of new years glasses, my best year yet!


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