Saturday, January 3, 2009

Why can't you say Jello?

Today was a really lovely day. I slept from like 11pm last night to 10 this morning (seriously a record for me- even on vacation I am usually more of a 2 or 3 to 10 or 11 sort of girl). I then spent the morning/early afternoon with a What Not to Wear marathon on TLC working on a couple of easy-ish DIY projects. I shortened a skirt, one of the things I purchased at goodwill the other day, which I then wore today, and turned an old pair of gaucho pants into sort of bloomer-type things by cutting a strip off the bottom of each leg and making bands to gather the rest of the leg fabric into... that probably doesn't really make sense but I will have a picture soon, I promise... I do have a picture of the skirt now though.

{skirt before shortening, and after}

It's a bit hard to tell how long the skirt was from the first picture, but I did take off quite a large chunk--still such a simple project that I am so happy with :) The skirt was $7.99 (really $7.89 because I found a dime in the pocket--haha!) at goodwill and the bag pictured above was also bought that same day (at the housing works sale) for only $2.50. I didn't actually use it today as it's too small for anything but going-out nights at school (which is what I bought it for) but thought this was a good chance to show it off... though come to think of it, my usual bag for days like today matched my outfit fairly well, haha.

Anyway, after I finished those projects, I went off to Laura's house again for our "winter break fiesta." It was amazing! We made tacos (though, as usual, I had extremly severe tearing reactions to all our onion chopping) with mango and corn salsa and tofu scramble and talked and laughed and played taboo and all those wonderful things you wish you did with old friends more often. A lot of people I hadn't seen in quite a while (and others I have seen more recently but it was, as always, wonderful spend time with them too) showed up and it was just a really excellent gathering.

{vintage red cardigan, second-hand bag, second-hand and self-shortened skirt,
american apparel tee, bitten necklace, white tights - ?, vintage boots}

Anyway, before I left I snaped these two very similar photos- I just love the contrast... and they were taken at the same time of day. Oh the wonders of flash or not (and a little editing, but really not much!)

I also stitched a little lace around my ankles as the pair of lacy socks I wanted to wear are of course, at school. I had a hat I would have liked to wear with this outfit too which is also at school... alas, don't you just hate that? Sadly, one of the lacy pieces got hooked on the other boot and came off during the evening, but I did enjoy them while they lasted.

Anyway, tomorrow I think I am going to Connecticut with my parents to visit my Aunt and baby cousins (well, I suppose they really aren't babies anymore, but they are my cousin's kids and quite a bit younger than me so I still call them that...) so hopefully I will still have time to post.


oh, p.s. - for you fellow bloggers, I have a question if anyone sees this. How do you respond to comments? Do you reply via e-mail, by commenting again on your own post, or by commenting on their blog (which I often do anyway, but not generally in reply)... or often not reply at all? I mean, I don't get many (my blog is really just a wee baby) but I do appreciate the ones I do get and am always wanting to answer, elaborate for, or thank those who leave me notes. Thanks so much :) - Freddie


  1. Great post! You did some thrifting and shortening, just like me...hehe.

    Hmm, about the comments...I can never decide what to do! Sometimes I comment back on their blog, other times I comment on my comments page. It's a horrid system, they need to give us a "reply" button for sure!

  2. i actually like the long length skirt.. but what you did is also very nice =)

    and regarding the comments, i used to reply on my own blog but then i don't think people actually come back to see what you reply so it's best to go to their blog and reply there. that's what i do now, anyways =)