Monday, January 19, 2009

Back to school

So we were sort of supposed to wear our bid night shirts today, but I really need to shrink mine in the wash and I still feel like there's something sort of special about picking out an outfit for the first day of classes. Remember when you used to plan that outfit out days in advance and how your mom would take a picture of you that morning standing by the front door? Good times. I'll have to share some old back to school atrocities with you sometime... though my mom wasn't such a dedicated picture taker... I only have a few.

Anyway, I was all ready for sub-zero Ithaca weather today with two pairs of tights layered with my warm hunter bootie inserts and my wool sweater under my giant puffy coat.... and it was not that cold out! My feet were sweating by the time I got home :x

{vintage yellow cardigan, white sweater/blouse from H&M, skirt and tights - ?, hunter boots and liners}

Anyway, my first class this morning was my discussion section for Visual Comm. I arrived on time (and when is that going to happen again?) and of course, it was canceled because lecture doesn't start until tomorrow. oof. So, I had two hours to kill.... though it was kind of nice because I got to sit in Trillium (a-la-carte dining facility) and see a lot of my friends. Then I had theatre tech design which ended early since it was just an intro, followed by cryptography which I'm taking to fulfill my math requirement. Not much work to do yet (just read Medea by Wednesday and maybe some math for Friday... eek... I haven't done math since high school), but I'm irritated because although I already own copies of both Medea and Tartuffe I need to print/buy new ones because I have different translations. oy. I'm excited though because one of my theatre friends has both theatre tech and cryptography with me (what are the chances?) and I have my first day of stage makeup (as well as visual comm and modern european intellectual history... boy that's a mouthful) tomorrow!

Oh, also, flickr has just warned me that I only have space for 30 more photos before I need to upload to pro. Does anyone recommend it? I really like using flickr (even though my poopy internet in my house at school only lets me picnik when it's in the mood... maybe it thinks picnics are inappropriate for the Ithaca weather? :P) and it seems to me that it might be worth while, especially if I keep up with my blog as I have planned to.


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