Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm burning your baby...

Not really in the mood for a long post but I wanted to leave you with something since I'm going back to school tomorrow and I don't know how much blog time I'll have when I'm there (though I hope some!) Also, I'm leaving by 1pm tomorrow... and it's 2am... and I haven't started packing. oops.

So today I had an interview-ish thing with this company, and saw this show which was a rather odd/not that great an adaptation/translation, but I loved loved loved her. Sadly, she escaped out of the other side of the theater so I didn't get to meet her or get an autograph :( And while my bestie got his Daniel Rad. And Richard Grif. autographs, I did not :( oh well. Tough luck.

{L'onneau dress from last summer's renegade craft fair, wool tights and white long sleeve tee - ?,
vintage red cardigan, H&M cloche hat and umbrella, cashmere scarf from TJs, target flats}

That black scarf might be my favorite item in my wardrobe. It's rather boring and I only got it because my grandmother took me to TJ Max and forced me to find something I wanted but I swear it is the softest thing you have ever felt in your life. (and also very warm)

And oh, want to see something really really cool? Today Mike and I walked by the back of the Hilton Theater where they were unloading Young Frankenstein (one of the 9 shows to close this past Sunday... so sad) and got to peak inside/backstage. So cool! (or at least, in my opinion it is)

Anyway... back to school (well not classes, but physically) for me tomorrow :( Not really looking forward to it, but maybe if I dread it, it will be better than I expect?


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  1. The backstage does look awesome. I like your hat. People don't wear enough hats anymore!