Sunday, January 18, 2009

So remember when I said I would have less time to post....

haha. Well, yes... less time indeed. Recruitment week was crazy. I'm talking waking up at 5:30am, going to bed at 2am, screaming my lungs out, girl flirting to the extreme, finally performing our skit, a surprise fire alarm during one of the rounds... the list goes on. But, we get our new pledge class tonight and I am oh so excited. And then classes start tomorrow. Holy Moly, I can't believe it. My schedule for next semester looks a little something like this.

I've basically spent today lying in bed, napping, catching up on TV shows and blogs, and just recovering from the week as a whole. But overall, it really was quite fun (though quite taxing too). Certainly an interesting way to end my "vacation." Also, I of course did not remember or really have a chance to photograph my outfits as promised :( (and they were quite cute if do say so myself). I hope to continue taking outfit pictures as we move into class time, however, expect a lot more pants and boots from me, as the weather has been looking something like this. Actually, today is not even that bad... yesterday I left the house for all of 10 minutes (I've hardly been out this week because of recruitment) and it was 1°F. I almost cried! Oh well, that's Ithaca for you.

At least these arrived in the mail. I'm excited to rock them with their (hopefully) warm, fuzzy green liners.

Anyway, as I continue my TV watching and blog reading, I'll leave you with a couple of recent inspiration photos. I do a lot of window shopping on e-bay and am always saving pictures of things I like in a folder on my desktop. (Of course I never save informative things like who the seller is... my apologies).

Until Next Time.


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